Post date: Mar 10, 2015 3:37:10 PM

Presenting first ever Jodi Number 1 contest @Springfest

All the couples out there - This year FOICR is conducting "Jodi # 1" contest.

With ~50 days after Valentine’s day, we want to know how strong is the bond going, please jump in and grab the coveted maiden 'Jodi Number One' cup!!

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Q1. What is all this Jodi Number 1 fuss about?

A. Love, they say, will be blooming in this spring season and esteemed EC of FOICR thought why not gauge it and make it a fun event by checking with all the couples in the corridor

Q2. Bad that you are not doing anything for World peace but still this is fine and Interesting, how to go about it?

A. Thanks. Glad to know your interest. First thing - please send a pic or a video of one minute highlighting your jodiness to starting March 15th - It could be as humorous as SK and SS in Dabangg, or as genuine as AK and AS in PK, or as emotional SK and K in DDLJ, or…ok ,ok ..we understand you got it what we wanna say!

Q3. What will you do with it? Sell it on Ebay or to those Romanian teen hackers?

A. No, we don't nor we can't since we cannot afford a legal team to handle a sleuth of class action suits later

Q4. Then what exactly happens after we send it?

A. Understand we are testing your patience…what we do is - we will upload it to FOICR Facebook home page

Q5. Then what?

A. Then we will tag you and start counting the likes from your family/friends who like it. OK, we don't wanna sound creepy, but yes, we might just read the aww/wowww/cho chweeet couple comments that are there

Q6. We send you pic, you upload it to FOICR Facebook page. Then, then?

A. Heard of patience? Sorry, that was li'l sarcastic. We will pick up the top 5 couple pics that gets max number of Likes.

Q7. Easy, peazy, we are the best couple – my grandma always says that. Consider we top the number of likes, then what?

A. That is it. You leave the rest to us. We will contact you and mention about the real contest that unveils on Springfest Day, April 11th from 4 30 PM.

Q8. What do you do on that day? Call us on stage and give us the crown and check?

A. We sure wanna make it that easy. But to make it interesting as Ektaa Kapoor's Telefilms(!) and/or Reality shows(!!!), we will have judges and FOICR patrons rate you on dressing, talent (Singing, Dancing, Magic.....anyone?), quick Jeopardy and pick the final winner

Q9. I'm totally sold out. So I just need to send pic/video first to that suspicious mail id and attend the function on April 11th. You do the rest?

A. Goodness, we are charmed by your quick grasping indeed….may we ask your SAT/IIT score please? Yes, that is all it is. No other 4 sized font fine print nor asterisks.

Q10. Last and final - seems so good to be true but this costs a million to organize. Is there a fee?

A. Nada, zilch, zero. It is free for all Members. But $20 for non-members. Highly tempting to say you have more chances of winning if you are a member, but NO, a big NO (remember, we mentioned our legal constraints!). So, member or non-member, chances are same just like your love to your spouse. SO what are you waiting for? Send us the pic/video at the earliest.