FOICR Song / Anthem


Written by: Pragya Rathore [see lyrics below]

Composed by: Ashley J Kendrick & Anusha L Gopalam [see composition here]

Music: Singer: Anusha L Gopalam ; Piano accompanist : Ashley J Kendrick [listen to song here]


We came to this city, once upon a time,

With all the dreams our eyes would find.

A whole new world was there to explore,

Adventures, work, and brand new chores!

Glimpses of India our minds would click,

And soon enough we were home sick!

Let's go back, our heart started to say,

We need friends and people to come and stay.

Here comes "the group", in which we blend,

With open arms like a welcoming friend!

It's called Friends of India Cedar Rapids,

Without whom, our lives would be vapid!

Preserving our values is the main mission,

Serving the community with selfless vision.

Flying "Tiranga" along with the "Old Glory",

Blending, yet keeping our origin's story!

Inculcating cultures, instilling tradition,

Passing our customs to the next generation.

All around the year we all celebrate,

Singing, dancing, playing & parade!

Friends of India for you and for me,

We stand for each other, oh, what a spree!

With pride we live, we will never be alone,

"Friends of India" a home away from home!

"Friends of India" a home away from home,

"Friends of India" a home away from home!

Disclaimer: singing version has few different words than the original lyrics of the author.