FOICR - Arts & Design Competition(s) - 2016

Post date: Mar 3, 2016 4:12:01 AM

Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce the 2016 FOICR Arts & Design Competition!

The competition is now open to all FOICR members and kids.

This year, FOICR is looking for an entry submission for the following categories. Contestants are welcome to participate in more than one area:

1. Telephone Directory Cover Page (portrait A4 size):

The winning design will be printed on the FOICR telephone directory for 2016 (see sample below).

2. Large Poster (2 ft x 3 ft):

FOICR would like to design a large poster to post permanently at local restaurants and temples.

Put these sentences on the poster:

"Friends of India Association Welcomes you to Cedar Rapids area"

"Visit us at"

3. Lyrics for FOICR "Anthem":

FOICR would like to develop an anthem that will be used to develop a promotional audio. We need creative writers to develop the lyrics. Tune will be recorded for the winning lyrics.

Note: Use FOICR activities and objectives to develop the lyrics.

4. Composing and Recording of FOICR "Anthem":

Once the lyrics are selected by judges, we would like to compose and record tune using the lyrics to play in FOICR events.

Please send your entries to to keep them anonymous for the judging.

The due date for entry option 1, 2, and 3 is March 15, 2016. The due date for entry option 4 is April 16th.

Winners will be awarded with trophies and recognition.

The entries will be judged by the FOICR Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Looking forward to your participation!

Siva R. Gopalam

On Behalf of FOICR EC