Fall Festival

Post date: Sep 23, 2015 4:07:27 PM

FOICR is Organizing the 2015 Fall Festival on 10/24/2015

This event provides a great opportunity to showcase your talents. We are inviting you to participate in categories not limited to : skits, singing, dancing and/or orchestra programs either solo or in a group.

You can enroll your entry by going to the FOICR Website at FOICR.ORG or clicking on the following link : http://www.foicr.org/programs/program-enrollment

Click here for the rules and regulations at

or send the email to program chair @ programchair@foicr.org

If you have any questions please contact FOICR Program Chair Balakrishnan Ramaswamy at programchair@foicr.org or any of the FOICR EC member