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Friends of India welcome you to be a member of an exciting association

Member Benefits:

• Provides excellent opportunity for networking during association meetings, get-togethers, and festivals. Meet community members to promote your business, to share your career ambitions, check for exciting jobs...and the list goes on.

• Excellent opportunity for your kids to mingle with other kids in the community by being part of Balvikas, and to learn about Indian heritage and culture.

• Discounted tickets for members for all FOICR sponsored events. 

• We celebrate seasonal festivals at least twice a year (Fall festival, Spring festival etc.) besides Republic day, Independence day, Summer picnic, and Children’s day.

• Lots of volunteering opportunities to learn, lead, demonstrate your talents, and leadership skills.

Excellent opportunity to showcase your talent during all FOICR festivals.

• Discounted participation fee and eligibility to take part/conduct various Sports events for Kids, Family and Adults.

Above all, it is priceless to be part of an association that promotes Indian sub-continent heritage in the Cedar Rapids area.

Friends of India - Your home away from home!!

For membership details, please click Membership Details or contact any of the FOICR executive committee members from Here .