Dangal - Hindi मूवी

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Dangal (‘Wrestling’), revolves around the extraordinary life of Mahavir Singh, an ex-wrestler who is forced to give up his dreams of winning gold for India in international wrestling due to lack of financial support.

He resolves to train his future son to one-day represent India in his passion sport. But destiny had other plans. Over two decades, Mahavir’s faith in his dream dwindles as he is blessed with four children, all girls.

But when his eldest daughter Geeta, aged 14 and his second daughter Babita, aged 12, bash up a group of boys from the neighborhood during an eve-teasing incident, Mahavir realizes his girls have the same talent

he was born with. With hope restored, Mahavir relentlessly pursues his goal of transforming his daughters into world-class wrestlers. Forcing them to train with the village boys, Mahavir inspires them to fight to win

despite the odds and to go for gold, no matter what.


12/30 to 01/04 - 2:15 PM and 9:05 PM

01/05 -  2:15 PM


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