Balvikas Orange blossoms 2015

posted Jan 12, 2015, 6:41 AM by Siva Gopalam
Hello parents,

Happy new year to you all!
I hope you all had fun holidays.

We are going to start our regular Balvikas classes for year 2015 from comingSunday 1/18/15.

I am so happy to introduce you all with Ms Lalita Chauhan and Ms Poonam Dubey as mentors of Orange Blossoms for the year of 2015! I am sure most of you know them. They took so many classes last year and I am sure they had a lovely experience with your kids :). I hope they will get all your support and help lilke always. 

You will now receive future mails from Lalita and/ or Poonam.

Thanks for all your support,
Pragya Rathore