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FOICR Person of the Year

Every year, during the Republic Day celebrations, FOICR Association recognizes one or two persons from the community as the “Person of the Year”.

The criteria to bestow this award is as below:

“Any person providing exceptional services /contribution, financial or otherwise, to the FOICR association or the community may be honored to become a Person of the year.”

The list of People who were recognized as "Person(s) of the Year" in previous years are as below:

 Year Person(s) of the year
 2019 Parvath Reddy
 2018 Ketan Puranik
 2017 Arti Anavkar
 2016 Pragya Rathore
 2015Jayashree Mukundan 
 2013 Viraj Anavkar & Balakrishnan Ramasamy
 2012 Jayeeta Sen
 2010 K.A. Nanjappa & Mini Das
 2009 Amin Manji & Dalbir Singh
 2008Gangadhar Vemuganti    
 2007 Dr Ghosh
 2006 Sunitha Vemuganti & Arjun